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While studying at The Graphic Design School, I had the pleasure of experimenting within the various realms of the graphic design universe. I have selected three examples from my graduating portfolio, presented below.
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Concept - The Time is Now Campaign

First up, is my campaign design, The Time is Now. We are rapidly approaching the point of no return when it comes to climate change. There are countless issues that we need to address, and, although many are aware, and doing their bit, we are in desperate need of more people and companies to get involved in saving our beautiful home and all life on it. For these reasons, and many more, I believe it is crucial that we continue to raise awareness, and employing a campaign is the perfect way to do this.
Blue Marble wants to ensure we leave this planet in a better state than it is now, and would love all future generations to be lucky enough to have a home that is healing and thriving. So, to kick things off, Blue Marble would like this campaign to cover many areas and formats, such as billboards throughout major cities across Australia and the rest of the world, a magazine advert double spread, which will feature in Blue Marble’s magazines, as well as others, such as National Geographic, Time etc, a poster series which will be glued upon walls throughout the cities, bus stop signs and a tote bag (which would contain more information to inspire and inform people).
Magazine spread for The Time is Now Campaign
Billboard for The Time is Now Campaign
Glue posters for The Time is Now Campaign
Tote bag for The Time is Now Campaign
Large glue posters for The Time is Now Campaign
Glue posters for The Time is Now Campaign

The Finished Product

The final campaign is visually compelling, bold and eye-catching. As this is a public-facing campaign, these designs have been created to accommodate a wide range of public-facing outputs, ensuring the immediate and global call to action is seen by all. A series of large-scale billboards, street/public transport shelter signage, glued poster walls, magazine advertisement spreads and merchandise, such as canvas tote bags filled with more information for the public to delve deeper.
The photographic posters/pages can stand on their own, however, they work and balance well with the relevant content sides. The photography I chose evokes strong emotions within myself and the Blue Marble team, encouraging us to fight for change.

Concept - Java Love Packaging Design

Next I have a harmonious packaging design for a new, sustainable coffee company Java Love, established in Kenya. Java Love was on the hunt for a simple and clean logo that can be represented in terms of both a typographic word logo as well as a logomark.
The rich, vibrant colour palette, inspired by the sun, sea and earth, is impactful and eye-catching, and when positioned on retail shelves together, the products instantly grab the attention of their target audience.
Takeaway cups and paper bag for Java Love packaging design
Coasters for Java Love packaging design
Ground coffee bags for Java Love packaging design
Takeaway coffee cups for Java Love packaging design
Colour palette for Java Love packaging design

The Finished Product

The final products included in this branding package have an edgy personality, which will attract the target audience, and features various products which Java Love provide, such as ground coffee bags, compostable takeaway coffee cups, paper bags and coasters, (found at Java Love’s cafe locations), as well as sustainable coffee pods with sleeve packaging.
The vibrant colour palette ensures that Java Love’s branding is visible in all the right places, attracting more and more customers to their incredible range of coffee products.
In January 2024, Java Love was featured in an article on the online design magazine, Dezeen.

Concept - Scott’s On It Advertising Campaign

Finally, we have my bold and impactful magazine and newspaper advert, promoting the latest chilli oil, Firestarter (named after the wicked song by The Prodigy), created by independent craft chilli oil and sauce company ‘Scott’s On It’.
Scott’s On It’s chilli oils and sauces, are deeply infused with spicy ingredients that are sure to get your tongue tingling. You know that film... Some Like it Hot? Yeah, Scott’s On It are definitely in that club. This product is gluten-free, vegan and cruelty-free, as Scott’s On It believes keeping food as natural as possible and as accessible for all is best. To help push that point, fresh chillies (bird’s eye, red, and scotch bonnet chillies) and seeds were included in the final advert.
Electronic billboard advert for Scott's On It chilli oil advertisement
Magazine advert for Scott's On It chilli oil advertisement
Newspaper advert for Scott's On It chilli oil advertisement
Photographic setup advert for Scott's On It chilli oil advertisement
Step-by-step explanation of the structure and component layout of Scott's On It chilli oil advertisement

The Finished Product

The final advert features a multi-photo composition, large, bold type to pack a punch (which is exactly the right theme for Scott’s On It, a vibrant colour palette, very red heavy, for added emphasis on the chillies, and lastly, a crisp layout design, which draws your eye into the centre, seeing the chillies and oil in all their glory!
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