The Working Party
Print, Packaging& Graphic Design.
Hero image for The Working Party Packaging Design
Commissioned to produce a gift package for The Working Party, an eCommerce Agency based in Melbourne, Australia.
The gift package was posted to all of The Working Party’s clients for Christmas, and needed to include the following branded collateral: box, tissue paper, circular sticker and Christmas card, as well as the business card for the client’s contact at The Working Party.
Closed box for The Working Party gift package design
Open box for The Working Party's gift package design
Updated business card design to be included in the gift package as well as for general use
Christmas card design to conclude The Working Party's gift package design

The Finished Product

Continuing with The Working Party’s pre-established monochromatic and minimal branding, I developed all required collateral in a sleek and seamless style that complemented the brand perfectly.
The introduction of a monochromatic green colour palette for the greeting card design ensures that the “holiday” theme is instantly recognisable, while still maintaining The Working Party’s minimalist brand.
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