UC Compliance
Branding, UXUI & Accessibility.
Hero image for UC Compliance Website Design
While contracting with Garaj, I designed a minimal brand kit for one of our clients, the compliance organisation, UC Compliance, which consisted of the following components: minimal logo design, which can be split into two logomarks, brand kit, ensuring both colours and typefaces are accessible, a timeless website layout and design and colours representing health care, growth and life.
Colour palette for the new organisation: UC Compliance
Homepage design for the new organisation: UKC Compliance
Core logo colourways, including black and white, for the new organisation: UKC Compliance
Brand guidelines, featuring typeface, and logomarks, for the new organisation: UKC Compliance

The Finished Product

The finished product is a crisp, clean website, with UX/UI being taken into account, to ensures users can easily navigate the page to their end goal. The colour palette was cross-checked for accessibility for those with colour blindness, including the use of an off-black and off-white, as well as two typeface selections which are both compatible with screen readers.
The logo, and logomarks, are minimal and easily recognisable, and the tick is clearly associated with compliance.
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