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Hero image for Holiday Haven Website Redesign
During my time as a Contractor with Melbourne design agency, PopCandi, I was responsible for redesigning the website for Holiday Haven, a collection12 unique and stunning of holiday parks locations, spanning the Shoalhaven region on the NSW South Coast.
They wanted new life infused into their new design in order to stand out further from their competitors, utilising the various elements and unused colour from their brand guidelines.
Redesigned homepage for Holiday Haven in both desktop and mobile displays
A website page for Holiday Haven featuring a closed accordion list, and to the right is what the opened accordion list looks like
Icon work completed for Holiday Haven
Available accommodation view on a park-specific page, and the selected accommodation page to the right

The Finished Product

The redesign of Holiday Haven’s site brought a softer style and a more relaxed feel, balancing well with the pre-existing Holiday Haven brand. There were aspects of the original site where colours did not pass accessibility checks, so I ensured the new designs met accessibility requirements.
Various templates were constructed to ensure consistency throughout all pages, especially as there are 12 parks, all with their own pages, showcasing their individual features, hot deals and transactional items, like gift cards/vouchers.
The team did not have access to the icon pack which was created for them some time ago, so I was also tasked with recreating the relevant icons from the pack, based off the .png files, as well as creating new icons that were needed for updated aspects of the Holiday Haven parks as well as the website.
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